Rakia Bar, since 2006


Gift shop

Rakia & Co (Rakia bar gift shop), close by the Terazije fountain or close to Slavija square, confirms the fact that Belgrade visitors consider traditional Serbian brandies, wines, home-made culinary titbits and handiwork to be authentic Serbian gifts.

Our two shops, originating from the same creative workshop, fosters exactly the concept of small gifts which represent fully authentic, traditional Serbian tastes. Only their form is brought up to date, but not completely. They have a fine aesthetic line of this region, the line which rounds off the whole story. The shelves of this shop treasure the tastes and aromas typical of Serbian cuisine.There are honey brandy in the bottle made of baked earth, called bukulja or čokanj, famous plum brandy in its luxurious glass pack, quince brandy, raspberry brandy, exclusive chocolate with brandy, special herb-flavoured brandies, etc. Culinary titbits have also found their place in this uncommon Gift shop. Aivar, jam, stewed fruit and fruit preserves have been prepared following old Serbian recipes, the way preserves for winter used to be prepared, without preservatives.

The titbits belong to the range of 'the most powerful tastes of Serbia', along with Oplenac, Župa or Fruška Gora white and red wines and rosés, chosen from our best small wine cellars which treasure in their bukes the particularities of certain vintages. Unique ceramic candelabra and glasses, čokanj or fraklić made of glass, recognizable Serbian embroidery which looks like it has just been taken out of a maiden's chest, the one in which the most beautiful pieces of embroidery were kept as dowry, all these things contribute to creating the impression that you really found yourself in a Dime Store 'The Lucky One'. All other souvenirs offered in the shop have been carefully chosen, too: gloves, wallets, purses, waistcoats and wicker baskets. And again, we do all this with a view to continue another Serbian tradition - the tradition of bestowing gifts.

RAKIA & CO (Gift Shop )

Terazije 42, 11000 Belgrade
Working hours:
09.00 - 21.00h Mon-Fri
10.00 - 18.00h Sat
11.00 - 17.00h Sun
tel/fax: +381(0)11 2643 158
e-mail: giftshop1@rakiabar.com